Analysing the Poem “Love is …”

Author: Alexander  //  Category: Englisch Hausaufgaben

Zu dem Gedicht “Love is …” von Adrian Henri (1932 - 2000), das ich aufgrund des Urheberschutzes nicht zitieren möchte gibt es hier eine entsprechende Analyse.

The poem “Love is …” was composed by Adrian Henri. It’s theme is the love, it’s describes what love is. The poem can be divided in 5 stanzas, with 4 lines per stanza. All stanzas deal with a different aspect of love. Each  stanzas starts with an anaphora “love is”. So the readers are involved what the poem is about. Every line starts with the words “love is” and go on with symbolic descriptions.

In line 5 is an example for this , there is writen that love is fish and chips on winters nights. Fish and Chips could make a cold winter night to a wonderfoul time. This means in the figurative sense that love could bring great moments. Also it conveys that normal things could bring great moments if you’re in love.

All in all, the poem tells the reader what is love and how beautiful love could be.